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Is Your Immigration Application Or Deportation Defense Ready To Appeal?

You may have applied for a temporary work visa, a family-based visa or an adjustment of status – and been denied. You may be fighting deportation through every available legal maneuver. Whatever your immigration case involves, you may have been to immigration court and received an unsatisfactory decision.

The next step may be to go to the Board of Immigration Appeals, and if you still do not receive the right result, you may proceed to federal court. Zenith Law Firm, LLC, in the Washington, D.C., area, offers hope for foreign nationals and immigrants anywhere through skillful appeals at any level.

What To Expect During The Appeals Process

Attorney Okon Udondom can help you file a notice of appeal within the 30-day time limit. He can help you create a compelling explanation of why the denial of your immigration application or defense was unjustified. Was there a mistake, or were laws not applied correctly at the previous level of application or appeals?

Mr. Udondom is detail-minded and deeply knowledgeable about immigration laws, opportunities and common obstacles. He can help you determine reasons to appeal your immigration case and build strong arguments in support of your quest for a proper immigration status.

How The Firm Can Help You

Attorney Udondom has built a reputation for getting results for immigrant workers and their family members, as well as American businesses that are trying to hire employees from overseas. With a professional demeanor and extensive knowledge of immigration pathways, he is ready to assist you, your employee or your legal client with a well-documented appeal.

Appeals are a major focus of the law practice at this firm. Attorney referrals as well as self-referrals are welcome. To schedule a consultation about any immigration appellate matter, call the firm in Greenbelt, Maryland, at 301-754-6628 or send an email inquiry.

Start Receiving Immigration Assistance Today

Zenith Law Firm, LLC, serves residents in the Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia (DMV) area, as well as nationwide. Trust your immigration representation to an experienced attorney who has navigated the immigration process himself.

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